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About Me


 I am a UX/ UI and Graphic Designer. It's great to meet you. I design logos, websites, and apps for everyone so they can enjoy their ideas brought to light. "Thinking outside the box allows me to bridge the gap between user and brand."

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My Story

So whenever you see an about me section you always ask yourself "What is it about me"? Well, I have had many roles to describe who I am. First, I served in the United States Navy for 8 plus years, finished my time of service, and went to college to receive my Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication at Westwood College.


Then while going to college I started working as a Deputy / FTO (Field Training Officer) for the next 8-plus years at a Sheriff's Department Detention Center. I got my big break and started my job in IT where I was maintaining the Sheriff's Website and rebranding it.


I finally got the chance to do the thing I love which is "Graphic Design"!  So, at the end of the day when you go back and look at everything that I have done in my life design has always been a part of my field of work either as a Deputy, Navy Sailor, Student, or Teacher I have always loved the artwork and designing and I have never stopped loving it. So, this is my opportunity to show you my passion through my eyes. Thank you. 

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